Tuesday, November 17, 2009

fly to KL......yeay!!!! 2nd set of cupcakes for ARIL AF7

Im a really big big fan of ARIL AF7...im making this cupcakes for him as an appreciation..its good 2 be recognized by someone who famous..this is the 2nd set of cupcakes from me to Aril..the 1st one is on June. Thanks to Nana who brings this to KL!......

This is for Aril and his friends..the listed name was my FB and skype frens..anything bout Aril i just referred to them.They demanded a cupcakes from me so its my pleasure making this for them..Last nite skype'ing' with all the guys..and yeah they've got their cupcakes and enjoyed every bite of it...

Making this extra mini cupcakes just for nana..she ate this at the airplane..

This is Nana..meeting her for a 1st time yesterday at KKIA. She's in Sabah for a work trip. Nana is 1 of Astro's staff who recently handling the 'Raja Lawak season 3 Audition' at 1borneo from Friday (13/11/09) - sunday (15/11/09)..she also a gud fren of Aril..Thankss NANA!! luv ya!